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ALMobile Attendance Kiosk

ALMobile Attendance Kiosk

Leverage New Technologies for Rapid, Clock-in Clock-out Solution on Major Projects

Instant Biometric Face Authentication

Our Biometric Attendance Solution is trusted by ENR Top Construction companies on major projects across North America. ALMobile Attendance Kiosks are designed to quickly capture attendance and job costing with biometric face recognition and fingerprint authentication. Eliminating buddy punching and ghost employees altogether is just one more way ALMobile improves performance and profits on every major project.

ALMobile Attendance Kiosk

Fast, accurate, and easy to use

  • Quickly clock in clock out with self-service kiosk
  • Instantly verify attendance at the beginning of work shifts
  • Easily set up employee records for unions and trades
  • Leverage multiple job site checkpoints for major projects
  • Manage attendance exceptions in real time with intelligent technology

Powerful, Easy To Use ALMobile Features and Enhancements

Attendance Kiosk is designed for expedited massive crew clock in clock out and specializing in major projects and plant turnaround.

Self-Service Biometric Clock In and Out
Attendance Entry
Attendance with Job Costing Entry
Attendance Records
Multiple Job Site Checkpoints
Generate Time from Attendance
Attendance Manager
Biometric Verification