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The Future of Austin Lane Technologies, Inc.

Austin Beaty
Austin Lane Technologies, Inc. President and CEO

"We have the best people and the best software in the business.

We focus on increasing productivity through improving workflow efficiencies, enabling our customers to outperform their competition. With ALMobile, they have the tools they need to optimize project completions, lower operating costs, and increase profitability.

We consistently develop ALMobile, adding the latest innovations to keep our clients ahead of their competition. Austin Lane has been investing in mobile technology since 1999. Each year we prepare and execute a development plan to add new features, based on input from our customers and changes in the industry. Our customers know we listen and take advantage of our product enhancements.

We know you will be pleased with your decision to move forward with us. I invite you to reach out our sales team and learn more about how we can help your organization.

The future looks great from here!"

The Story of Austin Lane

Growing up on farms they know hard work. Get to know our management team and how they turned a dream into reality. O. Austin Beaty and Rob L. Graber are first generation college graduates with agricultural and construction backgrounds. They met in 1990 while working together at Geac Computers, Inc. Over the years of working together they developed a personal vision to capture data with mobile devices. They creatively pioneered for the construction industry the ability to capture personnel data from remote locations. In 2000, they released the first version of ALMobile. Subsequently, as a result of requests from local businesses, they started an IT Services Division. From its inception, ALMobile was designed to integrate perfectly with every major ERP system. Today, from sunrise to sundown, it is used by Top ENR construction companies everywhere to get the job done. They grew up on farms and know hard work. Harnessing their imaginations and applying themselves they are showing the world that the American dream can become reality.

Austin Lane's Executive Team

Rob Graber

Rob Graber

Vice President and CIO
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Austin Beaty

Austin Beaty

President and CEO
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Jill Beaty

Jill Beaty

Chief Financial Officer
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Our Business Values

At Austin Lane, it's not just about software. We are committed to values that are faith based and provide opportunities for leadership in our business and in our personal lives.

  • Accountability
  • Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Fairness
  • Excellence
  • Success
  • Accountability
  • Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Fairness
  • Excellence
  • Success

Doing the Right Thing "Green Technologies"

Since the beginning, Austin Lane Technologies, Inc. has developed applications and processes that adhere to a principle belief that all individuals and organizations have a fundamental obligation to protect the environment we inhabit and the communities we serve.

We believe doing the right thing makes sound business sense and our products and services do the same.

In our software division, our ALMobile business applications enable construction contractors to remotely capture and transfer real-time data digitally, eliminating the unnecessary use of paper. Automating field force reporting and business processes on a daily basis for millions of employees has a dramatic impact on reducing our collective use of resources.

Our Managed IT Services division leverage the latest technologies to ensure computer systems we maintain and build are environmentally friendly. Our IT Professionals utilize advanced technologies to remotely monitor networks, diagnose concerns, and resolve issues. Our recommended solutions minimize energy consumption.

Work with us to help ensure our environment is better off tomorrow than it was today.

The History of Austin Lane ALMobile

Founded Austin Lane
Technologies, Inc.
ALMobile Time
Tracking Launched
Secure ERP Integration
Microsoft Technology
Any device, platform, or carrier: HTML5
Serving U.S and
Major ALMobile
Launched Biometric
Attendance Kiosk
Launched Grid Time Entry
Awarded Top Product
By Constructech